Humm interesting…


A primeira ideia que me surge é Agradecer à Vida, sobretudo todos os Abraços e uma Força que tantas vezes não sei de onde vem, nem que seja para deixar-me ir.


This could be a turning point month on several levels. First, it seems your finances are being rearranged and possibly renegotiated. You may not know where you stand until the end of July, or August, but that is OK for now. Go with the flow, and have faith you will be steering things in the right direction. One source of income may be coming to a logical finish, such as when one project ends and a new one begins. Don’t let this concern you, especially if the new source of income hasn’t shown up yet – it will. You’ll have plenty of cosmic help in months ahead, and many new offers will be coming your way. Your only aim should be:

1) not to spread yourself too thin

2) to choose among the ones with the very best potential

P.S. QueridA DeusA, OBRIGADA por TUDO!
Traz-me muita Sabedoria
e Abraços.


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